Clean Dog Green Dog and You

You’ve landed at our website for a reason. Maybe it was seeing our Spa Dog, Hydro, with his loofa and scrub brush.

Or maybe it was the green aspect. Maybe you’re just looking for a more convenient way to keep your dog clean.  Clean Dog Green Dog is glad you’re here. Dog people are unique in many ways. You obviously love your dog and want the best for him or her. And that’s what got Clean Dog Green Dog started in this business -- our love for dogs. 

When your dog is in our care, we treat him the way we treat our dog. And believe me, you’d want to come back in this life as our dog! It’s a no-brainer. At Clean Dog Green Dog, dogs are our family. Period. If you think this way, you’re gonna fit right in.

On many levels, we’ve built this business with Mother Earth in mind.  How?  First we use high quality, natural shampoos that are healthy for your dog’s coat and totally safe for the environment.  And the way we dry your pet uses a lot less energy than most grooming vans. Our special “sudser” uses less water.  It’s good for your pet and good for the Earth.

It’s our way of reducing the environmental “pawprint”, groom by groom!
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