Frequently Asked Questions & Dogimonials

How often should my pet be groomed?

How often a pet is groomed depends on a number of factors. On average, dogs should be groomed every four to six weeks. If you prefer not be burdened with daily brushing, your dog should be groomed more often. If you like to keep your dog's coat trimmed short, you may be able to get away with more time between professional grooming sessions. It also depends on your dog's breed, coat type and how much time it spends outside. Here are some guidelines to follow: 
  • Dogs with short and smooth hair (Beagles, Labradors) - as needed to help control odor and shedding, usually every 8-12 weeks.
  • Dogs with long hair (Shih-Tzu, Yorkshire Terriers, Old English Sheepdog) - every 4-6 weeks. These high-maintenance coats may even need weekly attention as they are easily matted.
  • Dogs with medium length hair (Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds) - every 6-12 weeks.
  • Terriers (West Highland Terrier, Schnauzer) -- every 6-10 weeks
  • Curly-coated dogs (Bichon, Poodle) -- every 3-6 weeks.

Do you need to use my electricity or hose?

No, our mobile pet grooming spa is fully equipped with everything we need and is self-sufficient. This includes heated water, (a 50 gallon fresh water reservoir and aseparate 50 gallon tank holds our dirty--but entirely biodegradable soapy water, which we empty back at our location—NEVER on your property) a climate controlled interior, power generated by a 'greener' energy and state-of-the-art equipment. You will never have to worry about providing water/electricity or blowing a circuit.

What kind of dryers do you use?

We have seen the stories in the news about pets being injured, or worse, by the use of hot air kennel dryers. This is another advantage to mobile grooming as your pet is never left unsupervised, either in a tub or in a drying cage. We are never more than three feet away from your pet during the entire grooming process. We carry high velocity and fluff dryers to accommodate different pet's needs, and will never use any tools or equipment that will cause your pet unnecessary stress.

Why is mobile grooming more expensive than going to the local groom shop?

Simply put, you are paying for a premium, convenient service--for the “groom shop” to come to you. This saves you the time (and fuel) of making two trips (back and forth) to a groom shop and reduces stress on your pet by not having to transport him/her. You are also paying for one-on-one attention for your pet.  This isn’t a conveyor belt system where three different people handle your pet in a noisy barking environment -- Only YOUR pet is in the mobile unit with our groomer so there are few distractions and less stress. All of this is done in our fully functional, self-contained “spa on wheels” in front of your home.

Why can't I watch while my pet is being groomed?

Dogs become very excited having their owners see them and can run the risk of being injured.  Groomers use many sharp tools while styling and pets that move around on the grooming table are at a higher risk of being wrongly cut.  "DO NOT" be offended that you or your children cannot be in the van or standing outside the window. It is only done for the safety of your beloved pet. If you HAVE to talk with the groomer for something please remember to come over and knock quietly so as not to startle the pet or the groomer.  Doors opening or closing and voices can excite animals’ at the most inopportune time. PLEASE never, ever open the door of the van while a pet is inside. This could result in an animal escaping and possibly being injured



  • This adorable mobile dog grooming van and its great groomer Doug came to my home on time and ready to win me and my dog over with his wonderful personality and knowledge of grooming. My dog came out smelling and looking fantastic we both thought it was great and would definitely call on this service again.
    - Kathy D. Roselle

  • I have an older lab who gets extremely stressed whenever she has to get in the car to go to a vet or somewhere for grooming. I absolutely dread putting her through this. After doing some research I was fortunate enough to find Clean Dog Green Dog. They are very accommodating, reasonably priced and easy to work with. They came to our house and Abby received the full grooming package in their mobile salon vehicle. We were very happy with the results but even more importantly Abby was far more relaxed. I highly recommend Clean Dog Green Dog.
    - Richard S. Schaumburg.

  • Great company to use. Called on a Sunday and they called right back set up an appointment for the following week. I have a great 100 lb. American Bulldog who normally hates going to the groomer. These guys come to you and do a great job. Very friendly and professional. The groomer is so far the only person my dog didn't try to kill when he cut her nails. I will use again for sure.
    - April K. Schaumburg

  • A week ago I called Clean Dog Green Dog Mobile Grooming to come out to my house for my golden retriever. The owner, Laura, was very nice and explained to me on the phone how everything worked. The website is clear about many of the services offered, which is not always the case with other sites. This was the 4th company that I called and the first one to walk me through what actually happens during the groom. I had gotten estimates from the other companies and they were really expensive. I understand that mobile grooming is going to cost more since they are coming to your house and only dealing with your dog, but they were ridiculous. Laura quoted me a price for my dog which was on the low end of quotes…very reasonable, given the convenience of the service. Anyway, Doug, the groomer, came and was fantastic with my dog. He bathed dried, and trimmed him, also covering nails and ears. It took him around an hour and a half. Doug noticed a cyst under my dog's skin and quickly told me. I could tell that he loves dogs and loves his job. I was just relieved that I didn't have to drag my 75 lb. dog to the store to be groomed. It was worth every penny to me and I plan to call them again. It's been a week and he still smells good. I definitely recommend Clean Dog Green Dog.
    - Susan D. Skokie

  • Our dog Spenser had his first appointment with Clean Dog Green Dog Mobile on December 19th. I just wanted to let you know that we thought your groomer was FANTASTIC! Doug did a wonderful job and Spenser, who is very nervous and fearful, came back in completely relaxed and ready for his afternoon nap. We were so happy. Thrilled. When Spenser needs grooming again, please know that you guys are the only ones we want to do it. Thank you and please let Doug know we loved what he did for our Spenser. We think he is WONDERFUL. We will be in touch again soon. Thank you!!
    - Joyce & Kevin H. Schaumburg

  • Five Stars for Clean Dog Green Dog! I started out totally nervous about the process. Our 5-month-old shih tzu was a mess - shaggy, dirty, matted paws, etc. - because he hadn't been groomed before (he had been very sick with pneumonia and couldn't get wet). He wouldn't let me come near him with clippers. In the end, both the owner and the groomer, Doug, ended up being wonderful. The owner explained their entire process and then Doug the groomer came to our house, spent some time with our puppy and us in the kitchen and walked us through everything. We showed him a couple pictures of the look we were going for, which he really appreciated. Then Doug took the dog to the company's souped up van. Doug said he had to go shorter than we would have wanted because of the matting, but he looked absolutely adorable and acted like he just had the time of his young life. We got a cute report card about his behavior and hygiene and a baggie of organic treats. The service is obviously pricier because of the convenience and personal attention, but I love that our dog wasn't left sitting in a crate waiting to be dried. We'll be using Clean Dog Green Dog in the future.
    - Kimberly P. Rolling Meadows

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