Clean Dog Green Dog Services

Pricing is based on breed:    
  • Size of pet
  • Length of hair
  • Amount of scissor work
  • Brushing
  • Clipping
  • Condition of the coat -- Degree of matting
  • Temperament of the pet
  • Drying time
Please call for an estimate.


  • Warm soothing Hydro-Massage Bath
  • Earth-friendly Natural shampoo/conditioner treatment
  • Towel and fluff drying (No cage drying)
  • Thorough Coat brush out and Detangling
  • Special Paw Treatment –Footpads and Nails trimmed/filed smooth
  • Ears checked and cleaned
  • Sanitary trim
  • Scissor cut specific to breed or your individual preference
  • Cologne, and bows or decorative scarves.
  • An organic treat (if permitted)

Ask Us about Toenail Tuesdays
Our new convenient service to keep your dogs nails healthy and clipped in between grooms! It's easy, fast and best of all WE COME TO YOU!

Introducing “SHED CONTROL”
Our 6 Step De-Shedding program is so effective, you’ll wonder where all the dog hair went in your house! Mention this ad and receive $10.00 off.


Blueberry Facial
Fresh Breath Foam Dental Wash
Specialty Shampoos (Oatmeal, Whitening, Hypo-Allergenic)
Hot Spot Medicated Soak
Shed Control Treatment 
Flea/Tick Funeral 
Tear Stain Removal
“Uh Oh…Someone Got Skunked” Removal
The Bob Marley Special (Extensive De-matting)
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