Introducing our “Defunk the Skunk” Service…

Oh no, your dog has been sprayed by the dreaded black and white stinker!
Forget what you have heard about tomato juice--it doesn't work. Make yourself a Bloody Mary instead…you’ll need it and it’s a better use of the tomato juice. Back to your dog and the smelly nightmare… Don’t panic….we will come to your rescue! Our de-skunking process will get him clean, healthy, and smelling great again! How, you ask? By using our proven four-step method:
  1. A 20 minute soak in our neutralizing skunk tonic will break down the toughest skunk odors; other products simply mask or cover up odors with perfume.
  2. A super concentrated deodorizing bath is next, ensuring no odor is left anywhere on your dog.
  3. We’ll deeply condition your dog’s skin, restoring it to a normal state (normal PH level, for you scientists out there!)
  4. We then fluff dry or blow dry, depending on your dog’s needs, and an all-body brush out is done, along with a complementary nail clipping.
Voila! He’s squeaky clean, fresh and ready to get back on your couch to cuddle with you!
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